Current and Future Shows

 Summer Snow In Kansas
                                    by John Casey
Marge and Jack are teachers in a Scottish school who admire each other's professional abilities but are drawn into conflict. A play that starts off funny and entertaining and ends up in the deep end of gender politics. 
Plan to premier Edinburgh Fringe 2020.

     Future Productions
                                          by John Casey
Jake and Joe are lifelong mates nearing retirement after fifty years working side by side in a metal fabrication workshop.
However the future threatens to destroy them. They set out on a journey to an imaginary centre to strengthen their bonds of friendship. 
Brutal, bewlidering, and ultimately beautiful, Chinas pulls no punches, literally, as the pair battle for their lives.
    The Prime of Deaco Brodie
                                     by John Casey

By turns hilarious and dangerous four boys at an Edinburgh school for young people with 'behavioural,emotional and social difficulties' try to get their heads round Muriel Spark.

A play that will have you splitting your sides, holding on to the edge of your seat, and (hopefully) shedding a tear.


                                  by John Casey
               Edinburgh Fringe 2019
Venue 32  Bar Bados Complex
3 Aug to 24 Aug inclusive.
PBH Free Fringe   
7+ Stages and 2 bars (Cowshed Bar & Bar-Bados) under one roof. PBH FREE FRINGE shows and music EVERYDAY (Comedy, Spoken Word, Theatre, Cabaret, Live Music). During the month of August this venue transforms into a Free Fringe multi-stage complex with an unrivaled choice of FREE comedy shows and live music.
            Brighton Fringe May 2018
             Edinburgh Fringe August 2018 
                North Tour Winter 2018
For love of his homeland one man came within minutes of saving sixty million souls destined to perish in WW2. Premier.
Brighton Fringe:  Laughing Horse, Temple Bar. Venue 270
                                May  14, 15, 17, 29      18.15pm          27, 28    13.15pm
Edinburgh Fringe:  Laughing Horse Mockingbird Upstairs Venue 441
                                   August    2-26      12.15pm.
 North Tour
Orkney Islands
Stronsay                       Oct 20
North Ronaldsay         Oct 27 (Due to plane cancellation being rescheduled)
Papa Westray              Nov 24
More dates to be announced.


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